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    Length of Day: 13 hours; 55 minutes                          Length of Visible Light: 14 hours; 48 minutes                           The Sun's Highest Angle will reach: 85.1 at 1:33 p.m. - Solar Noon

Referring to the Color Spectrum above, the Live Outdoor Temperature determines the Font's color and Background's color on selective sections of this webpage

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TODAY'S LOCAL FORECAST:... partly cloudy WITH A 18% chance of Precip- HIGHS CLIMBING TO THE LOWER  90s aND LOWS IN THE UPPER 70s....

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 Current Readings from Weather Station #1: Oregon Scientific WMR-100NA -- As of: 1:16am 7/2/15

 Outside Temperature 



Outside Humidity

78 %

Outside  Dew Point

72.06  ͦ F.

Outside Heat Index

83.48  ͦ F.

UV Index (0-15)



30.06 " of Hg



Wind Direction


Wind Speed

0.00 mph

Pool Temperature

86.72  ͦ F.

Spa Temperature

86.90  ͦ F.

Surface Map:

Other Sensors:



Upstairs Loft Temperature


Upstairs Loft Humidity



Temperature Humidity

0.63 ͦ F.



24 Hours Ago

77.72 ͦ F.

24 Hours Ago



-1.26 ͦ F.



Todays Hi/Time

76.64 ͦ F./12:52am

Todays Hi/Time


Todays Low/Time

75.38 ͦ F./12:09am

Todays Low/Time


Yest'days Hi/Time


Yest'days Hi/Time


Yest'days Low/Time

73.04 ͦ F./9:13pm

Yest'days Low/Time


Live Readings via Rapid Fire Underground only operates with a flash program- can not be viewed on ipads/iphones :-(

Southeast Satellite Map:

Convection Outlook:
General Aviation Map:
U. S. Severe Weather Map:

  Todays High Todays Low Yesterdays High Yesterdays Low Trend 24 Hours Ago Difference/ Actual
Out Temp Readings 80.96F/12:00am 79.52F./12:58am 90.86F./4:55pm 77.72F./6:19am -1.05F./hr 80.06F. -0.54F/79.52
Out Humidity Readings 78%/1:14am. 71%/12:00am 93%/6:38am 48%/5:43pm 3.7%/hr 88% -10%/78
Out Dew Point Readings 72.06F/1:14am 70.68F./12:00am 82.19F./9:03am 67.98F./5:54pm 0.43F./hr 76.19F. -4.13F/72.06
Out Heat Indx Readings 84.89F/12:01am 83.35F./12:58am 108.78F./9:07am 83.66F./6:19am -1.18F./hr 85.50F. -2.02F/83.48
Barometer Readings 30.09"Hg./12:00am 30.06"Hg./12:01am 30.09"Hg./5:31am 30.00"Hg./4:16pm -0.006"Hg./hr 30.03"Hg. 0.03"Hg./30.06"Hg.
Pool Readings 87.08F/12:00am 86.72F./1:10am 87.44F./5:06pm 85.82F./7:38am -0.23F./hr 86.72F. 0.00F/86.72
Spa Readings 86.90F/12:00am 86.90F./12:00am 87.08F./4:55pm 84.56F./7:00am -0.00F./hr 85.82F. 1.08F/86.90
UV Readings 0.0/12:00am 0.0/12:00am 0.0/12:00am 0.0/12:00am 0.00/hr 0.0F. 0.0/0.0
  Cooling Today Cooling This Month Cooliing So Far        
Cooling Degree Days 0.8 19.8 1221.1        
Rate 24 Hr Period This Month So Far Date of Last Rain
Precip. Readings 0.000 0.00 0.00 0.00 06/23/2015    

Marine/Buoy Data-Ocean Temp Map:

Hurricane Map :

World Extremes vs United States' Extremes:
Highest Temperature--
Ashqabat Keshi, Turkmenistan: 116.96F./Death Valley, CA USA: 125F.
Lowest Temperature--
Vostok, Antarctica: -113.44F./Leadville, CO USA: 38F.
Most Rainfall--
Bareilly, India: 04.64"/Meridian, MS USA: 04.68".
Highest Wind Speed--
Not Available/ Odessa, TX USA: 75 mph.
5 Day Forecast For Carrollwood-Tampa Area:
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
&             Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
T-storms Chance T-storms Chance T-storms Chance T-storms Chance T-storms
92 92 92 91 92
78 78 79 79 79
Todays Forecast/Last year-Normal-Record Readings:
Temperature  Todays Forecast Last year Normal Record
High 92 94 90 96
Low 78 76 76 69


On Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 at 13:32:00 UTC the Sun is at its zenith at Latitude: 23 06' North, Longitude: 01 27' eAst.

 The speed of the movement is currently 426.79 meters/second, 1536.4 km/hour, 954.7 miles /hour or 829.6 knots. 

The table below shows the Sun position compared to the time and date above:

Time Longitude difference Latitude difference Total
later Degrees Distance Direction Degrees Distance Direction Distance
1 minute 0 14' 59.9" 15.97 mi west 0 00' 00.3" 0.00 mi north 15.97 mi
1 hour 14 59' 53.2" 957.54 mi west 0 00' 15.5" 0.30 mi north 957.53 mi
24 hours 0 02' 44.6" 2.92 mi east 0 06' 00.7" 6.90 mi north 7.49 mi

Animated Local Radar:


Locations with the Sun near zenith

The following table shows 10 locations with Sun near zenith position in the sky.

Location Local time Distance Direction
In Salah Wed 12:58 PM 465 km 289 miles 251 nm North-northeast NNE
Adrar Wed 12:58 PM 557 km 346 miles 301 nm North-northwest NNW
Arlit Wed 12:58 PM 784 km 487 miles 423 nm Southeast SE
Agadez Wed 12:58 PM 963 km 598 miles 520 nm Southeast SE
Bchar Wed 12:58 PM 1011 km 628 miles 546 nm North-northwest NNW
Dori Wed 11:58 AM 1017 km 632 miles 549 nm South S
Niamey Wed 12:58 PM 1064 km 661 miles 575 nm South S
Ouagadougou Wed 11:58 AM 1230 km 764 miles 664 nm South-southwest SSW
Marrakech Wed 11:58 AM 1328 km 825 miles 717 nm Northwest NW
Fes Wed 11:58 AM 1365 km 848 miles 737 nm North-northwest NNW
Map showing day and night parts of the world

Map notes:

The Sun's position is marked with this symbol: Sun symbol.  At this location, the sun will be at its zenith (directly overhead) in relation to an observer. The Moon's posion is marked with this symbol: Moon symbol. At this location, the Moon will be at its zenith in relation to an observer. Note that the symbol is not showing the current phase of the Moon. Latitude circles: NPC -Northern Polar Circle, or Arctic Circle, is at latitude 6634'N. At locations north of the Arctic Circle, the Sun is visible all day and night during a period before and after the June solstice. NT- Northern Tropic , or Tropic of Cancer, is at latitude 2326'N and is the northermost latitude at which the Sun can be directly over overhead (this occurs during June solstice, around June 21st). ST - Southern Tropic , or Tropic of Capricorn, is at latitude 2326' S and is the southernmost latitude at which the Sun can be directly overhead (this occurs during  December solstice, around December 21st). SPC - Southern Polar Circle, or Antarctic Circle, is at latitude 66 34' S. South of this latitude, the Sun is visible all day and night during summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Map is generated based on the images from NASA




                                            Readings from Weather Station #2: Davis Vantage VUE

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