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Please Sign My Guestbook   *Carrollwood, Florida~ Lat: 28 02' 18" N/ Long: 82 29' 25"W
  Length of Day: 13 hours ; 19 minutes      Length of Visible Light: 14 hours ; 09 minutes
--Current Outside Conditions Updated: 10:10am on 5/5/16--
Sky Conditions: Scattered Clouds
Temperature: 73.40F. (2.06F./hr.)
--> 73%  (-8.5%/hr.)
Dew Point:
--> 64.23F. (-1.02F./hr.)
Heat Index (feels like):
--> 76.72F.  (0.92F./hr.)
Comfort Level:
--> Comfortable
--> 29.76 in  (Steady) 
--> 2.01 mph from the S
--> 2.24 mph
--> 0.04"
Pool Temperature:
--> 81.0F.  (As of 8:00 p.m. 5/04/2016) Gas Heater:  OFF
Spa Temperature:
--> 80.4F.  (As of 8:00 p.m. 5/04/2016) Gas Heater:  OFF
Precipitation:  (Readings from Weather Station #2: Davis Vantage VUE)*
To view Live Readings- Click Here
Outside Temperature Readings: ( ͦF.)
Today's Hi:
75.92F. (9:05am) 
Average: 66.78F.
Today's Lo:
  63.14F. (6:52am) 
Yesterdays Hi: ->77.90F. (12:00am)<-
Lo: ->66.92F. (11:44pm)<-
This Month's Hi: ->90.68F. (5/2/16)<-
Lo: ->63.14F. (5/5/16)<-
This Year's  Hi: ->92.30F. (4/29/16)<-
Lo: ->34.70F. (1/25/16)<-
24 Hours Ago: ->72.14F.<-
-Current ->1.26F.<-
Outside Humidity Readings: (%)
Today's Hi: ->95% (12:13am)<-
Average: ->92%<-
Lo: ->73% (10:05am)<-
Yesterday's Hi: ->96% (7:23am)<-
Lo: ->84% (12:00am)<-
This Month's Hi: ->96% (5/4/16)<-
Lo: ->45% (5/1/16)<-
This Year's Hi: ->98% (1/7/16)<-
Lo: ->2% (2/28/16)<-
24 Hours Ago: ->94%<-
-Current ->-21F.<-
Outside Dew Point Readings: ( ͦF.)
Today's Hi: ->70.04F. (9:05am)<-
Average: ->64.32F.<-
Lo: ->61.39F. (6:52am)<-
Yesterday's Hi: ->73.82F. (6:14am)<-
Lo: ->65.14F. (11:44pm)<-
This Month's Hi: ->76.04F. (5/3/16)<-
Lo: ->61.39F. (5/5/16)<-
This Year's Hi: ->76.56F. (3/28/16)<-
Lo: ->-16.33% (2/28/16)<-
24 Hours Ago: ->70.32F.<-
-Current ->-6.09F.<-
Outside Heat Index Readings: ( ͦF.)
Today's Hi: ->80.42F. (9:05am)<-
Average: ->72.74F.<-
Lo: ->69.38F. (6:52am)<-
Yesterday's Hi: ->82.89F. (4:11am)<-
Lo: ->73.16F. (11:44pm)<-
This Month's Hi: ->100.30F. (5/2/16)<-
Lo: ->69.38F. (5/5/16)<-
This Year's  Hi: ->100.30F. (5/2/16)<-
Lo: ->38.85F. (1/24/16)<-
24 Hours Ago: ->78.38F.<-
-Current: ->-1.66F.<-
Barometer Readings ("Hg.):
Today's Hi: ->29.76"Hg. (8:42am)<-
Average: ->29.71"Hg.<-
Lo: ->29.68"Hg. (12:00am)<-
Yesterday's Hi: ->29.82"Hg. (12:00am)<-
Lo: ->29.59"Hg. (4:41pm)<-
This Month's Hi: ->30.00"Hg. (5/1/16)<-
Lo: ->29.59"Hg. (5/4/16)<-
This Year's  Hi: ->30.36"Hg. (1/19/16)<-
Lo: ->29.47"Hg. (1/17/16)<-
24 Hours Ago: ->29.80"Hg.<-
-Current:  ->-0.03"Hg.<-
Wind Readings: (mph)
Today's Hi: ->5.82mph (9:37am)<-
Yesterday's Hi: ->10.29mph (6:44am)<-
Beaufort Scale: ->0<-
Direction 24 Hrs Ago: ->68<-
Gust: ->2.24mph<-
Speed 24 Hours Ago: ->0.00mph<-
This Month's Hi: ->10.29mph (5/4/16)<-
This Year's  Hi: ->15.44mph (1/17/16)<-
Precipitation Readings (inches): font>
Last Noteable Rain Occurrence: 05/04/2016
Measurement: 1.33"
Maximum Rain Rain: 12.80 "/ hr.
Time: 6:38 a.m.
Precipitation (inches):
Rate (per hour): ->0.000<-
Within 24 Hours: ->1.41<-
This Month: ->2.86<-
Total This Year: ->4.06<-
Cooling Degree Days:
Cooling Today: ->0.9<-
Month to Date: ->54.5<-
Year to Date: ->624.0<-
Surface Map:
Southeast Satellite
Convection Outlook:
General Aviation Map:
U.S. Severe Weather Map:
Inside Readings-10:10am 5/5/16:
Loft Readings - 2nd Floor:  
Temperature: Humidity:
Current: 74.48F 44%
Trend: 1.29F -0.0%
24 Hrs Ago: 71.24F 42%
Difference: 3.24F 2%
Today's High: 74.48F (10:03am) 45% (8:18am)
Today's Low: 70.52F (6:56am) 43% (12:00am)
Yesterday's High: 77.54F (12:53am) 44%  (6:08am)
Yesterday's Low: 70.70F  (9:16am) 42% (12:00am)
Table below shows the Sun's Angle in the Sky throughout the Day on at our location:
Given our location, (latitude: 28.038349 N. ; longitude: 82.490 W.) the following table shows our Sun's Maximum Angle during several times of the year:
*Position of the Sun
On Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 12:12:00 UTC the Sun is at its zenith at Latitude: 16 10' North, Longitude: 3 49' West
The ground speed is currently 445.61 meters/second, 1604.2 kilometres/hour, 996.8 miles/hour or 866.2 nautical miles/hour (knots).
The map below shows the current position of the Sun/Moon and areas of the Earth in daylight and darkness: (Courtesy: timeanddate.com)
Map showing day and night parts of the world

Animated Local Radar:


dBZ versus Rainrate
dBZ R (mm/h) Rate (in/hr) Intensity
5 0.07 < 0.01 Hardly noticeable
10 0.15 < 0.01 Light mist
15 0.3 0.01 Mist
20 0.6 0.02 Very light
25 1.3 0.05 Light
30 2.7 0.10 Light to moderate
35 5.6 0.22 Moderate rain
40 11.53 0.45 Moderate rain
45 23.7 0.92 Moderate to heavy
50 48.6 1.90 Heavy
55 100 4 Very heavy/small hail
60 205 8 Extreme/moderate hail
65 421 16.6 Extreme/large hail

Below shows the Weather History at Tampa International Airport and at [Our Location]
Readings Yesterday: 05/04/2016 Readings Last Year: 05/05/2015 Average Record
Mean Temperature 73F 77F 76F
Maximum Temperature 78F [77.90F][12:00am] 87F [85] [93 (2002)]
Minimum Temperature 68F [66.92F][11:44pm] 67F [67] [49 (1971)]
Cooling Degree Days 81 12 11  
Month - date cooling deg. days 59 50 54  
Year- date cooling degree days 646 782 514  
Growing Degree Days 23 (Base 50) 26 (Base 50)    
Dew Point 69F 60F    
Average Humidity 91% 63%
Maximum Humidity 97% [96%][7:23am] 87%
Minimum Humidity 79% [84%][12:00am] 39%    
Day's Precipitation 2.79 in [2.82 in] 0.00 in 0.05 in 2.84 in (1904)
Month to date precipitation 2.79 in  [2.82 in] 0.00 in 0.25 in  
Year to date precipitation 14.93 in [14.32 in] 14.15 in 10.35 in
SSea Level Pressure 29.79 in 30.14 in    
Wind Speed 8 mph () 8 mph (ENE)
Maximum Wind Speed 33 mph 16 mph
Maximum Gust Speed 44 mph [10.29mph][6:44am]
26 mph
VVisibility 6.0 miles 10 miles    
Events Fog, Rain, Thunderstorm  
5 Day  Forecast For Carrollwood-Tampa Area
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Clear Clear Partly Cloudy
78 74 79 84 86
60 60 65 68 70
                       UV Forecast:

Marine/ Buoy Data- Ocean Temo Map:
Hurricane Map
**World Extremes vs. ***United States Extremes:
  **World Extremes ***United States Extremes*
Variable City Country Value City State Value
Max Temp: Kharga Egypt
115.16F. Death Valley CA 98F.
Min Temp: Plateau Station Ep12 Antarctica -94.36F. Walden CO 19F.
Max Rain: Haapai Tonga 7.952" Togiak AK 6.42"
Max Wind: Not Available Grand Forks ND 53 mph
For High/Low Readings: /span> Click Here
For the Current World Conditions - Click Here      For the Weather Forecast by Continent - Click Here       For this Month's Actual Highs and Lows -Click Here

Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet UUpdated Automatically by Ambient Weather's  Virtual  Weather Station V15.01 p 09

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Referring to the color spectrum below, the outdoor temperature determines the color of the sectional bands and the fonts on this webpage




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